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As you in all probability know, the present F&B Code covers promoting and advertising communication for any food or beverage merchandise, aside from alcoholic drinks, and applies to all advertisers, no matter whether or not they’re a member of the AANA or not. Relating to advertising directed primarily to youngsters, the F&B Code with the AANA Youngsters’s Promoting Code together present a variety of protections. These Codes are a part of a higher system of advertising protections for youngsters, which incorporates the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) Responsible Youngsters’s Advertising Initiative (RCMI) and the Quick Service Initiative for Responsible Promoting and Advertising to Youngsters (QSRI).

As of 1 June 2019 the evolution of the F&B Code will make sure that the requirements contained within the RCMI and the QSRI will apply to all advertisers, not just those who are signatories to those initiatives presently.

This month we’ll take a look at three rulings from the Advert Standards Group Panel concerning complaints about meals promoting being aimed toward youngsters.

Kellogg’s LCMs bars


Situation: RCMI 1.1 – Advertising Message AFGC


This Free to air TV ad, features youngsters in a tree house hoisting a canine in a basket to hitch them. The tree home has a sign saying ‘no grown ups’. A lady is standing under the tree house with a field of Kellogg’s choc chip LCMs which she opens and particular person puffs of rice and chocolate chips are seen floating up into the air in the direction of the tree home. The rice varieties right into a bar that seems in the hand of one of many youngsters who seems to be at it with amazement. A voiceover and a message on the end says ‘Light up their afternoons with the awesomeness of puffed rice’.

Complainants’ concern have been that the ad was aimed toward youngsters and for a product that was not a healthier selection – in breach of the RCMI which Kellogg’s is a signatory to.

The Panel famous that the ad was filmed from the attitude of a grandmother watching her grandchildren play within the background. Whereas the theme of enjoying in a treehouse might attraction to youngsters, the general theme of a grandmother watching her youngsters play can be appealing to older audiences. The Panel also thought-about that the actress Benita Collins can be recognisable to adults who keep in mind her from their very own childhood and unlikely be recognised by youngsters underneath 12. The overall theme of the ad was nostalgic and focussed on the experience of the grandmother, a theme which was not directed primarily to youngsters underneath 12.

Next the Panel thought-about the language of the advert and located the phrase ‘light up their afternoons with the awesomeness of puffed rice’ was directed primarily to the grocery buyer. The Panel thought-about that some wording such as the phrase ‘awesomeness’ and the sign which says ‘no grown ups’ may be engaging to youngsters, nevertheless this wording also adds to the nostalgic effect of the advert and are equally directed to adults.

The RCMI also requires that the advert must not seem in any media the place the kid viewers is over 35%. The ad in this instance had appeared through the Australian Open, ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘My Kitchen Rules’, ‘the Big Bash League’, ‘House Rules’, and ‘American Ninja Warrior’ nevertheless these packages are equally engaging to teenagers and adults and are usually not directed primarily to youngsters underneath 12. The Panel found that the ad did not breach the AFGC RCMI and dismissed the grievance.

Read the report here.


Cadbury Myer Easter Egg tin with name Clare held by girl


Issues:  Food and Beverage Code 2.2 – wholesome way of life / extra consumption. Meals and Beverage Code (Youngsters) 3.2 encourage extra consumption and 3.5 pester power.

End result: NOT IN BREACH

This Facebook ad contains a woman in a garden holding up a tin of Cadbury Creme eggs that has been personalised with a name. The message above the image states ‘Easter’s just across the nook! Make it one to recollect with our Personalised CADBURY CREME EGG Chocolate Present Tin, obtainable solely at Myer! Just $19.99”

Complainants’ concern have been that the advert was aimed toward youngsters for an excessive amount of discretionary meals and was additionally encouraging youngsters to pester mother and father to purchase the merchandise.

The AANA Food and Beverages Promoting and Advertising Communications Code – Apply Observe supplies that: “In testing whether an advertising or marketing communication encourages excess consumption through representation of products or portion sizes disproportionate to the setting portrayed, or by any other means contrary to prevailing community standards, the Panel will consider whether members of the community in the target audience would most likely take a message condoning excess consumption.”

The chocolate is shown in a personalised egg shaped tin, and it is usually thought-about that such novelty gadgets are often shared amongst others, notably during times reminiscent of Easter. There isn’t any suggestion of frequency of consumption and there’s no one seen consuming the product. The Panel thought-about that the ad did not encourage extra consumption.

To be thought-about beneath Section three of the Meals and Beverage Code the ad have to be discovered to be directed primarily to youngsters (14 years and underneath) and for a youngsters’s product. The Panel thought-about the themes, language and visuals and found it was not focused in the direction of youngsters. The language used in the commercial, particularly the phrase ‘Make it one to recollect”, is focused in the direction of adults/mother and father, quite than youngsters. The ad was displayed on Facebook, a medium which requires users to be 13 to sign up.

The Panel thought-about on this case that the advert was engaging to a broad viewers and was not clearly directed within the first instance to youngsters beneath 14 subsequently Part three of the Meals Code did not apply.

Read the report here.

Kellogg’s Coco Pops


Points: Meals and Beverage Code 2.1 (b) – Contravenes group requirements Meals and Beverage Code 2.2 – healthy way of life / excess consumption Meals and Beverage Code (Youngsters) three.2 encourage excess consumption. RCMI 1.1 – Promoting Message AFGC – Advertising Message.

End result: IN BREACH

This Free to air advert from 2017 encompasses a field of Kellogg’s Coco Pops in a purchasing trolley which bursts open, the Coco Pops fly out, type a steering wheel, drives the trolley by way of an aisle, transforms right into a hand which takes a container of milk from the shelf and locations it in the trolley. The Coco Pops rework back in to a steering wheel, drives to the checkout and goes back into the field. A lady at the checkout reaches to take the milk and Coco Pops out of the trolley to pay for them, followed by a picture of milk being poured in to a bowl of Coco Pops. A male voiceover says, “Coco Pops and milk. Just like a chocolate milkshake. Only crunchy”.

A minority of the Panel felt that the magical qualities of the cereal together with the music creates a mystical fantasy state of affairs that, along side a well-liked youngsters’s product, would have robust attraction to youngsters. Because of this, the minority of the Panel felt that the ad was directed primarily to youngsters. Nearly all of the Panel nevertheless thought-about that the advert was engaging to a broad viewers and was not clearly directed in the first instance to youngsters underneath 12. The Panel famous that the animated cereal returns to gather milk and thought of that that is at the side of the depiction of a lady grocery buying was the primary focus and not of main attraction to youngsters. There’s an grownup voiceover and no name to motion to youngsters. The general theme, visuals and language used have been of attraction to youngsters of all ages and to adults and the Panel found that the ad was not directed in the first occasion or mainly to youngsters beneath 12.

The Board famous that as, the ad was broadcast in packages including Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (G) on Channel 9, Harriet the Spy (PG) on Channel 9, Little Massive League (PG) on Channel 9, We Naked Bears (PG) on GO, that have been directed primarily to youngsters underneath 12, the RCMI applied.

The Panel established that Coco Pops is a product capable of be advertised on to youngsters, complying with the nutritional requirements Kellogg dedicated to beneath the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Responsible Youngsters’s Advertising Initiative.

The Panel noted that underneath s1.1b of the RCMI, the ad must reference, or be in the context of, a wholesome way of life, designed to attraction to Youngsters by means of messaging that encourages: i. Good dietary habits, according to established scientific or government standards; and ii. Bodily activity The Board famous that there is a small disclaimer on display that states “enjoy as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.” The Board thought-about that the disclaimer could be very small and is not on display for an extended time period. The Board famous that using textual content on this method is unlikely to draw the attention of youngsters to the message and can be unlikely to have the ability to be read by young youngsters.

The Panel thought-about that the image of milk and the on display text did not amount to messaging that encourages good dietary habits. The motion of a trolley shifting magically across the store along side the on display textual content does not quantity to messaging that encourages physical activity. Based mostly on the above, the Panel discovered that the ad did not meet the messaging requirement of the RCMI and breached the RCMI.

Learn the report here.

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